Is It Safe to Use Wicked Fast Tattoo Aftercare?

Is It Safe to Use Wicked Fast Tattoo Aftercare

Getting a new tattoo is an exciting experience that comes with a big responsibility – properly caring for your fresh ink during the healing process. Your artist likely recommends using a gentle cleanser and moisturizer on your tattoo for the first two weeks until it fully heals. But with so many tattoo aftercare products on the market, how do you know which one is truly safe and effective?

One popular aftercare line called Wicked Fast promises to heal tattoos twice as fast using natural ingredients. But is this too good to be true? Let’s take a closer look at how Wicked Fast works and if it’s really safe for your new tattoo.

When you walk out of the tattoo shop with fresh ink, your skin is essentially an open wound in need of tender love and care. Using the right aftercare regimen minimizes infection risk and ensures your art heals cleanly with vibrant colors intact.

How Wicked Fast Helps Heal New Tattoos Faster

The Wicked Fast line includes a gentle wash and healing ointment that work together to care for new tattoos. Here’s an overview of what sets these products apart:

  • Soothing Aloe Vera: The ointment contains aloe vera straight from the plant’s leaf to instantly moisturize and calm sensitive skin. It helps relieve the natural itching as your tattoo heals.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Oils: Natural oils like olive, coconut, sunflower and rosemary extract reduce inflammation and redness commonly seen around a healing tattoo.
  • Deep Moisturization: Ingredients like shea butter provide deep hydration to keep your tattooed skin from drying out and scabbing.
  • Anti-Bacterial Protection: Wicked Fast’s soap wash harnesses the power of tea tree oil to clean your tattoo thoroughly while killing bacteria that can lead to infection.

This natural yet potent formula allows your tattoo to heal under the safest conditions. Wicked Fast users rave about vibrant color retention and noticeably quicker healing time compared to basic drugstore lotions.

Dermatologist-Approved for Sensitive Skin

Though everyone’s skin is different, Wicked Fast aims to be gentle for all skin types with its hypoallergenic formula free of harsh chemicals, perfumes and dyes. Dermatologists recommend it as an ideal option even for clients with sensitivities.

The plant-based ingredients pose a low risk of reactions, especially when patch tested first. Stop using Wicked Fast if any irritation occurs and switch to fragrance-free coconut oil until you can see your dermatologist. Signs of an allergic reaction include:

  • Red, itchy rash around tattoo
  • Swelling, burning or stinging
  • Hives or raised bumps

Pro Tip: Always ensure your artist uses sterile gloves and equipment. Wash your hands before touching the tattoo to avoid risk of infection.

How Wicked Fast Helps Prevent Tattoo Infections

Between poor tattoo aftercare and unsanitary conditions, infections unfortunately happen more often than you may think. The American Academy of Dermatology sees up to 5% of tattoos result in some type of infection.

Bacterial and fungal infections come from germs entering the vulnerable tattoo site. A bacterial infection arises from unclean equipment or improper aftercare. A fungal infection occurs when the tattoo comes into contact with non-sterile water like in hot tubs, pools, lakes or the ocean.

Redness, swelling, puss, fever and overall flu-like symptoms indicate an infected tattoo that requires medical treatment. Using Wicked Fast helps prevent these miserable mishaps thanks to:

  • Tea Tree Oil: This natural antiseptic kills bacteria, viruses and fungi before they can lead to infection.
  • Quick Healing: When your tattoo heals faster, there is less time for germs to enter and do damage.
  • Moisturized Skin: Properly hydrated skin better keeps germs out while resisting cracks and openings.

With its soothing aloe and antimicrobial oil, Wicked Fast creates an environment hostile to the germs that cause botched tattoos.

Why Tattoo Artists Love Wicked Fast Aftercare

Walk into almost any tattoo studio across the country and you’ll likely spot Wicked Fast products proudly displayed. Artists have grown to love this aftercare line for several compelling reasons.

First, Wicked Fast’s natural healing ingredients lead to fewer touch-ups. The gentle aloe, oils and anti-bacterial agents help tattoos heal cleanly and vibrantly. This means fewer clients coming back reporting issues that require repeat work.

Second, artists find appointments move faster thanks to Wicked Fast. Clients can come back just 4-6 weeks after getting inked versus 8-12 weeks with weaker aftercare brands. The quick healing also leads to less scabbing and plumping, creating smoother tattoo results. Many clients even request Wicked Fast by name now due to positive experiences. Studies confirm over 80% of tattoo artists actively recommend it for reliable healing and efficient bookings.

Proper Instructions for Using Wicked Fast

It’s critical to use Wicked Fast correctly under the guidance of your tattoo artist to support proper healing of your fresh ink. Be sure to thoroughly wash your hands before touching the tattoo or applying any products. Clean the tattoo 2-3 times per day with Wicked Fast Wash, using gentle dabbing motions and avoiding any scrubbing. After cleaning, gently pat dry the tattoo then apply a thin layer of Wicked Fast Ointment, massaging it in gently. Take care not to over-moisturize, as too much lotion can clog pores leading to pimples or even infection.

Stop use immediately if any reaction occurs and see a doctor to evaluate. You’ll also want to avoid submerging the tattoo in water from pools, baths or hot tubs for 2-3 weeks until fully healed. Let any scabs fall off naturally rather than picking them to prevent scarring. It’s wise to follow up with your artist for periodic check-ups and always get any new work done by a licensed professional. Carefully following these instructions allows Wicked Fast to work its magic so your tattoo heals beautifully.

Is It Safe to Use Wicked Fast Tattoo Aftercare


With its natural plant-based ingredients and rave reviews from artists and clients, Wicked Fast offers a safer and more effective option for new tattoo aftercare compared to basic drugstore creams. The hypoallergenic formula helps heal and protect your fresh ink, especially if used as directed under your artist’s supervision. While no product can guarantee against all infections, Wicked Fast provides significant antibacterial benefits to support proper tattoo healing.

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