Does TAC Tattoo Numbing Cream Allow You to Get Inked Pain-Free?

Does TAC Tattoo Numbing Cream Allow You to Get Inked Pain-Free

Tattoos have soared in popularity in recent years, becoming a mainstream form of self-expression. However, the pain of the artist’s needle piercing your skin hundreds of times is notoriously intense, especially on sensitive body parts. So can a topical numbing cream like TAC provide a painless tattoo experience? Yes, when applied correctly before your appointment, TAC anesthetic tattoo cream works extremely well to numb the skin so you can sit for hours while getting tattooed with minimal discomfort.

In this post, we’ll cover what exactly TAC cream is, how it works to block tattoo pain, application tips, its benefits over other numbing alternatives, possible side effects, and reasons why TAC is the best tattoo-numbing cream choice for both artists and clients wanting comfortable ink sessions.

What is TAC Anesthetic Tattoo Cream?

TAC is a topical numbing cream formulated specifically to help numb the skin in preparation for tattoos. It contains 5% lidocaine, which is the maximum strength allowed for over-the-counter topical anesthetics. When applied before a tattoo session, TAC cream provides powerful temporary pain relief by blocking pain signals to the brain so you don’t feel the repetitive needle.

TAC works by creating a barrier on the outer layer of skin that prevents the tattoo artist’s needle from penetrating down to the deeper pain receptors and nerve endings. It absorbs through the epidermis to target these receptors directly. This provides both surface numbness and deep analgesia for maximum effectiveness.

How Does TAC Numbing Cream Work to Block Tattoo Pain?

The active ingredient in TAC, lidocaine, is absorbed through the skin approximately 60-90 minutes after applying a thick layer. It takes effect by blocking sodium channels so pain signals can’t be transmitted. This provides numbness that typically lasts 2-6 hours.

This allows your artist to complete longer sessions on larger tattoos, working on both the outline and shading stages with minimal interference from pain. Even extremely sensitive areas like the ribcage, ankles, feet, and inner arm can be tattooed comfortably using TAC cream.

The numbing effect also facilitates greater precision and control since the client doesn’t flinch or move from discomfort. Use of TAC cream results in higher quality tattoos since the artist can focus entirely on their work, not splitting attention between the art and monitoring pain levels.

Step-By-Step Instructions for Applying TAC Tattoo Numbing Cream

To achieve effective numbing, it’s important to apply TAC cream correctly:

  • Clean and dry the area thoroughly before applying the cream. Remove any lotions, oils or residues.
  • Apply TAC in a thick 1/8” layer, enough to completely block the puncture of the needle. Smooth over the area, extending at least 1.5 to 2 inches beyond the tattoo site borders.
  • Cover the area with plastic wrap or dressing to lock in moisture and allow the cream to fully absorb. Wait 60-90 minutes before removing the dressing for maximum anesthetic effect.
  • Carefully remove the plastic and lightly dab off any excess cream. The area should be completely numb and ready for your tattoo session. Do not wipe off all the cream before your appointment.
  • Additional applications can be done between the line outline stage and color shading stage if you begin regaining any sensitivity as the initial layer wears off.

What Are the Benefits of Using a Tattoo Numbing Cream Like TAC?

There are many advantages to using a topical anesthetic cream like TAC instead of trying to endure the pain without numbing:

Minimal Pain and Discomfort

TAC allows you to get tattooed with only minor discomfort instead of significant pain. It provides profound numbing so you can relax during the session.

Ability to Get Bigger, Longer Tattoos Completed in One Session

The numbing effect of TAC enables sitting for hours without needing breaks or stopping early from pain. This allows larger, more complex tattoos to be completed in one appointment.

Ideal Numbing for First Tattoos

TAC takes away the anxiety and nervousness associated with getting your first tattoo by eliminating the expectation of pain, allowing you to enjoy the experience.

Effective Numbing of Extremely Sensitive Areas

Stubborn, highly painful spots like the spine, ribs, elbows, and behind the knees can be effectively numbed with TAC cream.

Safer, More Convenient Alternative to Traditional Numbing Methods

TAC can be easily applied at home, unlike anesthetic gels/foams that require specialized professional equipment to apply. It also avoids the risks of lidocaine injections.

How Does TAC Numbing Cream Compare to Other Numbing Options?

TAC has key advantages that make it a superior choice over other types of topical anesthetics and numbing agents:

Over-the-Counter Numbing Creams – TAC is a prescription-strength 5% lidocaine cream versus weaker OTC creams with 1-3% lidocaine like Dr. Numb and Hush that provide inadequate relief.

Benzocaine Creams/Gels – Products with benzocaine like Orajel are less effective and linked to higher risk of skin reactions compared to lidocaine creams.

Anesthetic Gels/Foams – These require special equipment to apply and don’t penetrate as deeply. TAC is more convenient since you simply apply at home yourself.

Lidocaine Injections – Injecting lidocaine directly under the skin completely numbs areas but involves needles. TAC gives a less invasive but still highly effective topical option.

Are There Any Side Effects or Risks Associated With Using TAC?

When used as directed, TAC cream only affects the localized application area rather than entering the bloodstream. Still, there are some precautions to be aware of:

  • May cause minor irritation like redness, rash, swelling, or itching around the site
  • Avoid contact near eyes, nose, and mouth
  • Consult a doctor before use if pregnant, breastfeeding, or have lidocaine allergies
  • Carefully follow usage guidelines and never exceed the dosage
  • Tell your artist about use so they can monitor and adjust if needed

Overall, TAC has an excellent safety profile especially compared to alternative numbing approaches like injections. Just take care not to apply it too liberally and have it run into other areas like cuts or abrasions.

Why Should You Choose TAC Tattoo Numbing Cream?

Highest Strength Lidocaine Available Without a Prescription

With 5% lidocaine, TAC provides the maximum strength possible for an over-the-counter topical anesthetic cream. This prescription-grade formulation ensures you get the highest level of numbness.

Used and Recommended By Tattoo Artists

TAC is the numbing cream of choice among top tattoo artists. They trust and recommend it to ensure clients can tolerate the prolonged sessions needed for quality work.

Easy At-Home Application

You can apply TAC tattoo numbing cream yourself right before your appointment rather than getting anesthetic gels/foams applied at the studio using special equipment.

Excellent Pain Relief Even in Sensitive Areas

TAC excels at numbing notoriously painful spots like ribs, feet, elbows, knees, neck, and other high nerve-ending locations. This enables tattooing these areas comfortably.

Allows Artists to Focus on Their Work, Not Your Pain Tolerance

The numbing allows the artist to devote their full attention to the artistry, line work, and details that result in amazing tattoos, not worrying about causing discomfort.

If you want to get a tattoo with as little pain and discomfort as possible, using a topical anesthetic cream like TAC is highly recommended by artists for maximum numbness. Follow the application instructions properly in advance of your appointment time, and TAC tattoo numbing cream will help you sit through hours of inking with minimal to no pain.


The potent numbing ability of TAC anesthetic tattoo cream provides a more pleasant, stress-free tattoo experience. No need to endure unnecessary pain and torture when this easy-to-use topical solution allows inking even the most sensitive body parts comfortably. With TAC, you can sit back and relax rather than grit your teeth or clenching your fists. Just apply ahead of time per directions so the lidocaine can fully take effect. TAC lets your artist create their best work on you while you focus on your design vision, not pain and anxiety. Your skin will thank you!

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