Eyeball Tattoo Removal: Process, Costs and What to Expect

Eyeball Tattoo Removal

Eyeball tattoos, or extraocular implants, have grown in popularity over recent years as a bold and extreme body modification. However, many who get eyeball tattoos soon regret their decision due to vision impairment, sensitivity, inflammation, infection, and other complications that can arise. So how do you remove an eyeball tattoo?

The process involves meeting with a qualified oculofacial surgeon to have the tattoo ink carefully lasered off the surface of the eye in a delicate medical procedure to restore vision and eye health without causing further damage.

In this comprehensive guide, we will cover:

  • Dangers of eyeball tattoos causing removals
  • Finding a qualified eyeball tattoo removal specialist
  • The full removal process step-by-step
  • Recovery timeline and aftercare
  • Expected results and costs in 2023

Why Do People Want Their Eyeball Tattoos Removed?

The surface layer of the eye is called the conjunctiva. This invasive procedure can cause many adverse effects that lead people to eventually want their eyeball tattoos removed. These complications include infections from unsterile inks and tools that often require antibiotics or surgery to treat. The ink itself can also leak into the interior of the eye or cause scarring on the surface that impairs vision. Most patients report debilitating pain, light sensitivity, tearing, headaches, and other irritation. Additionally, inflammation reactions are common with swelling, itchiness, redness, and bleeding of the eye occurring frequently after tattooing.

With all these vision disorders, severe discomforts, and infection risks occurring, the majority of people with eyeball tattoos soon deeply regret their decision. Unfortunately, home remedies and attempted DIY removal often worsen the situation by causing further damage. This leaves surgical removal by a medical professional as the main option to help these patients regain their eyesight and comfort.

Eyeball Tattoo Removal

How to Find a Qualified Eyeball Tattoo Removal Doctor

If you have an eyeball tattoo you want removed, it’s vital to have the procedure done by a board-certified ophthalmologist or oculofacial surgeon. General tattoo removal practitioners lack the specialized medical training to treat the delicate eye area safely.

When researching potential doctors, you want to thoroughly vet their qualifications and experience managing eyeball tattoos specifically. Ask about their medical credentials to verify they are licensed MD eye surgeons rather than just normal tattoo artists. Look for specialists who perform eyeball tattoo procedures frequently, leading to better results through practice. Ideally, they will have 5+ years under their belt specifically treating and removing conjunctival tattoos.

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Also, ask to see before and after photos that demonstrate their past removal results. Check online reviews to read verified patient testimonials describing their experiences under that surgeon’s care. This will help you judge the quality, bedside manner, and surgical skills of the specialist. Proper vetting is critical because your vision truly depends on choosing a doctor who can handle the intricacy of eyeball tattoo removal safely.

Eyeball Tattoo Removal Step-by-Step Process

Eyeball Tattoo Removal Step-by-Step Process

When you arrive for your eyeball tattoo removal appointment, you can expect the process to involve:

  1. Eye exams – Thorough pre-procedure tests will check vision sharpness and eye health baseline.
  2. Anesthesia – Local numbing drops and injected agents keep the eye calm and pain-free.
  3. Laser treatment – Pulses of concentrated laser light blast and break up the tattoo ink below the conjunctival surface.
  4. Ink removal – They carefully wipe away shattered ink particles from the eye exterior during the laser session.
  5. Antibiotic ointment and eye drops – Applied to prevent infection and reduce inflammation after.
  6. Dark glasses – Worn home to allow complete healing by limiting light exposure following the tattoo removal procedure.

Many describe the laser as feeling like a quick rubber band snap sensation on the eyeball, which is generally tolerable with sufficient pain control measures.

Total appointment length ranges from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on the tattoo size and location complexity. Most patients require between 1-6 repeat treatments spaced 3-8 weeks apart to fully fade away all traces of eyeball tattoo ink.

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Recovery Process & At-Home Aftercare

Plan for an initial recovery timeline of:

Days Post-TreatmentRecovery SymptomsAt-Home Care
Days 1-3Moderate swelling, light sensitivity, tearing, redness, blurry visionSymptoms peak around day 3 and then start improving
Days 3-7Most swelling is gone but eyes are still bloodshot, and vision clarity increasingContinue medications and light protection
Week 2Most swelling is gone but eyes still bloodshot, and vision clarity increasingTaper off pain meds, continue other meds
Week 3Eyes appear normal aside from faint leftover ink stainingCan discontinue meds once eyes feel normal

Your doctor will prescribe antibiotics and anti-inflammatory eyedrops to use 3-6 times a day after treatment to prevent infection while healing. They may also recommend over-the-counter pain relievers as needed to manage sensitivity as your eye recovers.

Otherwise, you’ll need to limit light exposure with dark sunglasses and avoid rubbing or touching the treated eye during the 3-week initial healing period. Follow all of your surgeon’s guidelines closely!

Pro Tip: Set reminders on your phone to use your prescribed medicated eye drops on schedule during the healing process. Missing doses can slow recovery!

What Results Can You Expect From Eyeball Tattoo Removal Treatment?

Most patients begin to notice significant ink lightening and vision gains after just 1-2 laser removal sessions. With repeated treatments spaced 3-8 weeks apart to allow proper healing between, complete tattoo fading typically occurs within 4-6 months.

However, some dense inks leave behind a light residual tint even once fully broken up by the laser due to permanent staining of the eye tissue. Plus visual acuity may remain partially impaired depending on the severity of original eyeball tattoo complications before removal. Discuss anticipated outcomes thoroughly with your eye surgeon beforehand so you can craft realistic expectations around the possibilities of total vision rehabilitation.

Trusted Eyeball Tattoo Removal Service

If you’re considering having your eyeball tattoo removed, it’s crucial to seek help from trusted professionals to ensure the best care and outcomes. We highly recommend visiting Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York, where you can connect with experienced and board-certified ophthalmologists and oculofacial surgeons. Their team specializes in delicate eye procedures, including eyeball tattoo removal, ensuring your vision and eye health are in expert hands.

Why Choose Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York for Eyeball Tattoo Removal?

  • Expertise: Their doctors are highly qualified, with extensive experience in handling and removing eyeball tattoos specifically.
  • Safety: They adhere to the highest medical standards, using state-of-the-art technology to perform safe and effective procedures.
  • Patient Care: From consultation to post-procedure recovery, their team is dedicated to providing personalized and compassionate care.
  • Proven Results: With numerous successful cases, they have a track record of helping patients regain their vision and comfort.

To schedule a consultation or learn more about their services, visit Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York or contact their team directly through the website. Trust the Laser & Skin Surgery Center of New York for your eyeball tattoo removal needs and take the first step towards restoring your eye health today.

Eyeball Tattoo Removal Costs in 2024

Given the risks and complexities of eyeball tattoo removal, specialized oculofacial surgeons rightfully charge a premium price for their services. You must view it as an investment in restoring your vision and comfort instead of as a cosmetic treatment cost.

You can expect to budget:

  • Consultation visit – $200-$500 to assess your case.
  • Per laser session – $800-$3000 depending on the size and intricacy of the tattoo.
  • Sessions needed – Average of 3-5 spaced apart over 6 months for complete removal.
  • Total cost – Typically totals $4000-$10,000+ to resolve eyeball tattoos.

Unfortunately, health insurance rarely covers such an elective procedure. CareCredit and other medical financing options can assist with managing payments interest-free over time if you qualify.

Conclusion: Is Eyeball Tattoo Removal Worth It?

Although eliminating an eyeball tattoo is a lengthy and expensive process, most patients agree it is extremely worthwhile to abolish the ink causing them vision disorders, intense pain, infection risks, and other medical complications that severely lower quality of life.

If you have any level of vision changes, sensitivity, or inflammation due to an eye tattoo, schedule an immediate consultation with a board-certified ophthalmologist or oculoplastics surgeon to discuss whether laser removal treatment is right for you. Catching issues early maximizes the chances of reversing damage before it becomes irreversible.

I hope you found this complete guide to eyeball tattoo removal helpful. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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